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i wanted to believe

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This is not the same Nikola Tesla you learned about in school. All those things about him being a monk and raising pigeons?  They were a lie to keep people from getting too close and finding out he's a vampire. But, he's still a genius, and he still invented all of those nifty inventions. 

In the late 1800's, he became part of what's known as The Five at Oxford. The group of colleagues created a serum from vampire source blood, which made Nikola half vampire. Shortly after, he went to America, where he started his feud with Thomas Edison. In the 1940's, Nikola got mixed up with a fight between the world governments, and it was thought it would be it would be best if he faked his death. Shortly after doing so, he helped the allied forces in the Second World War before going into hiding for over 60 years.

Since coming out of hiding, he has tried to raise the vampires twice, but how decided he rather be the only one. He currently "works" for the US government.

Disclaimer: This version of Nikola Tesla belongs to Sanctuary, which I do not own, nor am I the wonderfully talented Jonathon Young. 

Age Disclaimer: Both mun and muse are 18+.  
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